Mutts in the movies

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Mutts in the movies
Did you stay up late last night to watch the Academy Awards?
Yeah, neither did I. One of the drawbacks of getting older is you can’t
stay up late and still make it to work the next morning.

Well, while we are still in the mood to talk about movies, let’s chat
about our favorite pet movies.

I got an e-mail last week from, a Web site sponsored by Iams pet food, which is polling to find America’s favorite film featuring pets.

The Web site writers claimed to have watched dozens of movies to come up with their top ten choices. I would suggest they try another Blockbuster, join NetFlix, whatever, because these movies seemed like odd choices to me. Either I am too young or too old to have seen more than half of these movies, and of the ones I have seen, only one, „Best in Show,“ was a memorable film and would make my top ten list.

It’s a relatively new site; you have to join it to vote for your favorite film. It only has 156 members, and only seven had voted before I cast my ballot. Singlehandedly, I put „Best in Show“ in first place.

For my money, „As Good as It Gets“ was the best film in recent memory featuring a dog. Little Verdell, a Brussels griffon, was as much of a star of the film as perennially-cool Jack Nicholson. I also have a soft spot for Mr. Jinx in the „Meet the Parents“ movies and the hillbilly hounds in „A Christmas Story.“

What’s your favorite film featuring a furry four-legger?

(Photo: Tri-Star Films, 1997)