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American Brussels Griffon Association Illustrated Breed Standard Guide

American Brussels Griffon Association Illustrated Breed Standard Guide is a 21 page pictorial booklet prepared under the auspices of the American Brussels Griffon Association (AKC parent club). Using photographs, drawings, and descriptive text, this informative tool helps clarify the American breed standard for the ideal Brussels Griffon. It is a must for the library of not only judges, but breeders, exhibitors, and Brussels Griffon fanciers.
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Brussels Griffons: A Complete Owner’s Manual
Author: Sharon Sakson
Barron’s Educational Publishing
A guide to understanding this unique little toy breed.


by Doone Raynham, a first edition 1985 of this excellent rare 144 page hardback illustrated book about Griffon Bruxellois, in very good condition, much sought after book.


GRIFFON BRUXELLOIS Pet Love Series – New Copy Written by Juliette Cunliffe Fully illustrated with colour photographs, 157 pages, Hardcover, 7 chapters with information covering the following topics:- History of the Griffon BruxelloisCharacteristics of the Griffon BruxelloisBreed Standard for the Griffon BruxelloisYour Puppy Griffon BruxelloisEveryday Care of Your Griffon BruxelloisTraining Your Griffon BruxelloisHealth Care of Your Griffon Bruxellois **LOVELY HANDBOOK FOR THE “GRIFFON” FANCIER**

THE CULT OF THE GRIFFON BRUXELLOIS“ by Mabel Parker Rhodes, a first edition 1926 of this approx. 74 page hardback illustrated book about Griffon Bruxellois, in good condition, front cover a little faded and marked, not only is this the rarest book published about the Griffon Bruxellois, it is also one of the rarest dog breed books produced in the 20th century, it was privately printed by the author and Hiubbard in his listing of Rare Dog Breed Books states it is one of the rarest of all dog breed books


by AKC (See other books by author)

Publisher: AKC
Edition: DVD
Run Time: 19 Min.
Item: B0595
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Summary: (DVD) Discussion of the breed standard: good structure and movement, acceptable colors, correct head, size. Developed for breeders, exhibitors and judges.

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